Wednesday 17 April 2024

Malaysia ; State of Shock

WHEN it rains, it pours and it is certainly pouring out like a tsunami on the Government led by Anwar Ibrahim on so many fronts.

FOR one, the Sabah Government's move to revive, READ : the lembaga Padi dan Beras board, a decision made just hours ago, looks like it is going to directly challenge BERNAS sole right to import rice.

ALMOST, a year ago, Sabah's deputy chief minister Jeffery Kitingan had outlined how such a scheme would likely work. READ : Sabah should break free of Bernas’ monopoly, says DCM.

THE timing of Sabah's intention comes at a time, when Tengku Zafrul, READ : a life long friend of the former king of Malaysia, says he will be submitting a READ : submit own affidavit to correct 'factual errors' in party president Zahid Hamidi's affidavit to free Najib Razak.

TENGKU Zafrul, it seems have been distancing himself from the Zahid Hamidi camp in recent months has been pretty obvious when READ : he quit as UMNO Selangor Treasurer .UMNO Selangor is led by those close to Zahid Hamidi.

AMIDST, everything that has been taking place, the silence of Anwar Ibrahim is DEAFENING.