Monday 29 April 2024

Jangan Bagi Rakan Niaga Quantum Metal, Lesen Mengimport Beras.

THE  dumbest thing the Government could do at this point of time, is to take away, the sole  rice import concession from Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary's BERNAS, and gift a portion of it to the funky organisation  known as Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad (Angkasa).

MR  Prime Minister, listen to this advice ; Angkasa will definitely F it up, with a very strong possibility further down the road, of some major  hanky panky. READ: Angkasa tunggu kelulusan kerajaan untuk import beras

YOU can dismiss it as hearsay, or even prejudice but how about their association with READ : Quantum Metal since 2018 and other scandals.

ANGKASA's long standing association, with Quantum Metal, could bury your own  good name and rile up the farmers against you, Mr Prime Minister.

THE reason is because Lim Khong Soon, the founder of Quantum Metal in Malaysia, is also the managing director of Besra Gold, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

THE following is what Lim Khong Soon's Besra Gold told the Australians ;

1. Quantum Metal's previous bank in Australia have closed the company's banking  account.

2.Quantum Metal had attempted to wire money to Australia but the Australian Government rejected the transfer, and send the money back to Malaysia.

3. Besra Gold , had blatantly LIED to the Australian Stock Exchange by implicating  either Bank Negara or the Securities Commission, by claiming Quantum Metal 's gold purchases transactions which have been approved by the Malaysia regulator. 

4. THERE is a very strong possibility that even NOW Quantum Metal cannot  even convince  a half past six Australian bank to allow them to open a bank account.

ALL this SHAMEFUL details can be found at READ : Besra Gold's official website.

SHAMEFUL  because Lim Khong Soon has been taking B40 Muslims in Malaysia for a ride, with IMPUNITY, and the Australians are doing more tp corner him, than our, Ampun Bang Jagoh's