Monday 15 April 2024

I said it, And Now The 11 Chocolate Boys of Paddy Are Calling For Anwar Ibrahim To Directly Take Charge.

TO put it very plainly, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim it seems is delirious in supplying as much rope as possible to the not so fine people at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security Ministry, so they can use it to hang themselves .

TRUE enough, the last remaining Eleven Malay Rice in this land are now directly appealing for READ : Anwar Ibrahim to Turun Padang and help them in their fight.

ONE suspects, that they have made this plea, which would directly implicate Bernas as the agent provocator that wiped out generations of Malay rice millers, on conviction that the Prime Minister's  heart is with them.

AM  i surprised? Not the very least, having expressed myself clearly on March 15 with READ : Hey Mat Sabu, Depan ada laut, Lu mana mahu Lari.

WITH  the director general of paddy and the rice sector READ : Azman Mahmood, tip toying on egg shells his minister ,Mohamad Sabu positive statement that READ : the Agriculture Ministry will not protect anybody , is a bit too little, too late in the day.

A little too little, too late in the day because ,Syed Abu Hussin, the Naccol food cluster task force chairman's effective use of TIk Tok , VIEW :which clearly shows empty local rice shelfs across Malaysia , looks to be to hard too debunk.

AN aggressive Syed Abu Hussin upped the stake with the following insult. READ : Beras tempatan sekampit RM26 cuma mimpi