Monday 22 April 2024

The Malaysian stock exchange has shades of North Korea..

ORDINARY Malaysians arent investing in the stock market because they either do not have the money to do so,  are put of by the Malaysian requlators inability to effectively gate keep fair play , and lack of confidence in how we are being governed 

YET, the Malaysian stock market is having its best days since March 14, 2022. The market's benchmark index VIEW :is up 9.86 per cent this year.

THE bullish stock market though cannot shake of the shades of North Korea, where everything is doctored to make the great dictator Kim Jong Un look great in his own eyes.

NEVER mind the seasonal foreign READ :foreign fund exodus, at levels last seen four years agobut do worry how market requlators, which comes under the finance ministry, have single handedly lost two generations of would be investors due to perceived indifference in governance.

BACK in Malaysia, where the stock market is rising, almost daily, READ: the average investor,has a foot in the grave,aged a young 78 to 60 years of age.

GOVERNMENT funds are responsible for pushing the market up. Push as they do, does anyone outside Putrajaya actually believe at ground zero, people are buying into the narrative that the good times are here.

Good for the Madani Government if they do. The flip side to this dramatic show is, if we the people of Malaysia fail to take the bait, Putrajaya will be left to deal with out CONTEMPT .