Sunday 14 April 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : On This Day, April 15th 2019

AN old Bloomberg report from 2019, READ : not only certified the Malaysian stock as the worst performing bourse,but added a bit more venom to the bite by stating that the Malaysian market is boring.

IF indeed a big chunk of listed entities are con jobs, one wonders , how on earth did they pass through the entire listing process, of Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission, who supposedly have zero tolerance against corruption.

MAYBE  perhaps corruption is perhaps perception based. READ : Flashback to 2015, Wahid Omar says when the giving stops, the receiving will also stop.

HOW  nice just blame the giver, and no need to bother on how the taker, intimidates, threatens action, in the event there is no giving taking place.

WITH that brief overview of Wahid Omar's wisdom on the supposed fight against corruption, none of us  need to have even half of Albert Einstein's brain power to figure out why the SC and Bursa Malaysia collectively cannot tell us the following?