Monday 8 April 2024

Quantum Metal's auditors quit, can't locate 31 tonnes of Gold

LIM Khong Soon's dangerous game of targeting the B40 group, especially among the Malay Muslim community, with his so called Shariah compliant gold scheme by Quantum Metal, looks like it is going to end very badly.

TAWAFUQ Consultancy, which provides a complete range of services under one roof through its Islamic Banking & Finance specialists which was supposed to the shariah compliant gold audit on Quantum Metal VIEW : has apparently quit, after it could not locate the 31 tonnes of Gold supposedly owned by Quantum Metal 

QUANTUM Metal has been marketing itself as an entity which READ : which has 31 tonnes of Gold, a holding almost matching that of the central bank of Malaysia.

QUANTUM  Metal, which had been riding on a wave that the American based firm is shariah compliant READ : having won the backing of Ahmad Dusuki Abd Rani, who is part of the PAS Dewan Ulama Negeri Selangor, is now having its Shariah status questioned.