Friday 12 April 2024

Quantum Metal' third self imposed deadline to return investors money, is a no show. Is the Uber Rich Lim Khong Soon UNTOUCHABLE?

QUANTUM Metal, didn't meet it's third self imposed deadline today to reimburse it's trapped investors.

AFTER  failing to reimburse the public which gave money to Quantum Metal , twice this year, READ : on April 3rd, Quantum Metal pleaded for another ten days, but yet again investors were left with an empty promise.

SINCE,  January this year, Lim Khong Soon, the founder of Quantum Metal, VIEW : has been promising investors that none of them would lose money , for having backed Quantum Metal.

ON the ground though, investors who wanted to end their relationship with Quantum Metal were allowed to do so, but the catch has been READ: it did not follow with the promised return of their cash, as at yet.

IN some of the forums, some are starting to question, why is it Lim Khong Soon, has been allowed to act with IMPUNITY.

LIM Khong Soon has rubbed the mainly majority B40 Malay group the wrong way, as they are begining to ask, READ : why is it Quantum Metal who cannot return their money had spend lavishly promoting itself using the Malaysian banner.