Friday 12 April 2024

Malaysia's second wind on Anwar Ibrahim's Watch is no longer a joke!!!

SECOND  chances are not given to make things right but to prove we can be better even after a fall.

Life's second chance doesn't always come knocking, but when it does, what we do about it, is what counts the most.

Malaysia's second chance has come knocking because largely due to Anwar Ibrahim's personal ties with the power brokers in the USA. READ : Malaysia in the running for as much as US500 million CHIP fund investments from US state department.

EVEN  before, Malaysia was in the running, we were already regarded as READ : The Surprise Winner from US-China Chip Wars.

WHAT should excite us in Anwar Ibrahim's plans to move Malaysia upstream in the semi conductor business valued at more than US$530 billion, because if successful, we will be economic powerhouse like taiwan, and South Korea.

WHO might derail our destiny? Well it is people like Muhammad Akmal Saleh, who instead of getting behind the Prime Minister, READ : chooses to bicker, turning the streght of our diversity into a cause of concern for outsiders.

ANWAR Ibrahim, may not be the Prime Minister a large chunk of Malaysia, may have wanted. He was even laughed at READ : when he brought investments from China.

TODAY the ones who are saying that Anwar Ibrahim's Malaysia, is on the verge of roaring like a tiger again are the likes of Japan's Nikkei, Forbes and the Washington Post.

WE owe it to the future generations of Malaysians, to stand behind the Prime Minister to deliver, what do many other Prime Ministers have failed,  ;  the reawakening of tiger, long taken for dead, and cursed as a failed being..