Wednesday 3 April 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : A Sesimic Movement on Corporate Mafia Probe

THE  Corporate Mafia, it seems have managed to do enough, to be given the benefit of the doubt with regards to how money was managed at the Classita Holdings Bhd level. 

IT is understood, that the ethnic Chinese informal brotherhood, infamous for raiding specifically Chinese own businesses, by jamming them with regulatorss, have escaped the criminal charge dragnet for abusing Classita's cash resources.

CHIN Boon Long, having been interviewed law enforcement authorities, sometime in late May 2023, is aware of the recent  sesimic movement with regards to the Corporate Mafia's other areas of involvement  specifically at Hong Seng Consolidated, CSH Bhd, MMAG Bhd, Revenue Group Bhd, Green Packet Bhd, INNO Bricks Realty and Sarawak Cable Bhd.

INNO Bricks Realty, based in Petaling Jaya, has been attempting to use READ : crypto currency to transact properties among main land buyers, hasn't gone down well with the mainland authorities.

HAVING Eddie Ng Chee Siong linked to the entity has also brought in added scrutiny, especially since post Eddie Ng Chee Siong, READ : more than RM55 million have flowed into Revenue Group in a manner that defies economic sence.

A sesimic wave, on what was merely a probe on the activities of  the Corporate Mafia, now has expanded into an official inquiry, some TWO WEEKS AGO.

SOME of the specifics being looked at include, tax related matters, footprints of pump and dump trading, excessive cash burnouts, bungs for officials, funds raised, and burnt for projects that didn't took off, inter company and personal leverage, traced at the Hong Seng Consolidated level, as well as a failed privatization a decade ago.