Thursday 4 April 2024

Artroniq Bhd ; Money Too Tight To Mention.

IN a market place, where requlators are feared and  respected, one suspects the stunts which Artroniq Bhd has been pulling, will most definitely not take place.

THEN again the state in which Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission find themselves in borders between pathetic and sorrowful.

PATHETIC because the MACC led by Azam Baki had to do their job, and go after Kenneth Vun Yun Lun. The income tax which botched a previous attempt to corner Kenneth Vun Yun Lun, was also present to help a landing hand. READ : Malaysia's Securities Commission claims credit for Plaza Lien Hoe raids..

ARTRONIQ, lately has been the centre of attraction, after it's share price tanked early this year, followed by video revelation of Sufian Art, an American actor based in Malaysia, VIEW : directed to the principal political secretary to the Prime Minister that he was paid RM800 to pretend to be a key executive of a foreign company, inking a RM100 million deal with Artroniq, witnessed by MITI's very own Tengku Zafrul.

TODAY,  Artroniq, upped the ante on the suspicious drama surrounding the company by informing the market requlators that READ : Paklin Venture Capital Sdn Bhd, Atroniq's money lending subsidiary, had lent out RM32.97 million to several corporations without any security, as bond in event of default