Tuesday 23 April 2024

Rafizi Ramli, Bila Kaduk Naik Junjung..

NOT wanting to see the fault lines, let alone address them, is a good mix to draw a conclusion that help is not on the way.

RAFIZI Ramli, who had promised so much, yet delivered close to nothing like the boy who cried wolf one time to many, VIEW : has opted to take the easy route, by claiming that Anwar Ibrahim's stewardship of Malaysia is under attack.

ANWAR Ibrahim is far from perfect, but neither is he a dud. All things being equal, he is half decent, actually.

WHAT is under heavy artillery, however is actually a lack of leadership, from the head of the cabinet and the original Pakatan Harapan cabinet ministers.

RAFIZI Ramli talked up about it on August 2023, but have gone absolutely speechless in 2024. You don't have to be Albert Einstein to figure out that Parti Keadilan, would win elections with ease if APs for automotives were killed.

THE AP's are still here. Most Malaysian would agree, if elections nationwide was held tomorrow, Parti Keadilan would be trashed at the polls.

 lack of leadership, frankness, brutal honesty is not just confined to Parti Keadilan. The cancer of treating tax payers as fools is across the board.

TAKE Mohamed Sabu's Agriculture Ministry, READ : who told us in Jan 2024, that there is no such thing as a rice mafia or cartel, have changed its tune, possibly on extensive cold feet, after the domestic trade ministry started asking questions.

THE rice control director general Azman Mahmood, who is paid by Syed Mokthar's Bernas for sitting on the BERNAS board, put Malaysians to shame by saying READ : Siapa Kata Beras disorok? . 

THIS man and the minister he serves still have a job and are in the same job, because a sickening lack of leadership, have decided to live without a back bone.

PARTI Keadilan, instead of lowering its head, undoing it's missteps, have instead decided to fan their own ego. READ :Unity govt candidate has potential for big win, says Fahmi

BY doing so, the other side of the story is, we the tax payers, we the voters are being made to feel, look and accept that we are a bunch of low IQ morons.

ENOUGH is enough. Cast aside party politics by sending a message on May 11 at the Kuala Kubu Baharu (KKB) state by-election, that love will run out of backdoor , when sub standardness walks in the front door.