Sunday 7 April 2024

Dying in Malaysia ; ESG

THERE are VIEW : 48 countries in Asia, with Malaysia now, ranked as READ: only the 14th fastest growing economy in this part of the continent.

WHEN it boils down to Corporate earning among FBM KLCI listed companies, compared to its peers, the gap looks much deeper, wider and critical.

AS  an VIEW : aging nation, there are many fronts in which Malaysia, will no longer be able to compete effectively to drag in foreign direct investments, especially for entities looking for the cheapest labour cost and a large enough internal market .

THAT being said, there are areas in which, Malaysia will be able to compete very efficiently, if we get our act together, especially in the areas concerning ESG, which stands for environmental, social, and governance.

WHEN it comes to ESG, success or failure actually depends on the alphabet C. READ :Survey: Corruption is the top ESG concern with financial advisors.

IT is in this CORE C area, is in which we have started to make ourselves look like bloody fools, despite knowing that from a distance large funds and big investors are WATCHING US, before making up their minds.