Friday 26 April 2024

I said it, now Muhyiddin Yassin echoes it, makes peace with UMNO's Zahid Hamidi.

THE Malaysian political wheels are now officially in the spin, and there's no telling  who that its NAMING.

WILL the first one now, latter be the last ?, only time will tell but if history is a reliable character witness, then he that gets hurt, will be the one who has stalled.

THE core team includes Fahmi Fadzil, Rafizi Ramli and Muhamad Sabu, among others. 

IN a move that it bound to oscallate suspicious minds, in a Facebook posting written an hour ago, READ : Muhyiddin Yassin wrote for the sake of Malaysia, he and Zahid Hamidi, the UMNO President and current Deputy Prime have agreed to bury their legal hachet.

IN the Malaysian politics of today, there is no line drawn in stone..  that curse, it is CAST