Saturday 13 April 2024

Pakatan Harapan's communication strategy is pathetic, mainly because there hasn't been anything to communicate.

HAVING READ : The Malaysian Insight's take on why Pakatan Harapan's communication strategy has been failing, it finally dawned on me, that perhaps we have missed the uncomfortable giant white elephant sweating in the room.

THE elephant in this case being, that the communication strategy has not been able to work effectively  because there has been much  to communicate to the world in the first place.

LET'S take a step back to the past, and re-examine what Pakatan Harapan told us, they will do if they allowed into power  READ: break up monopolies and open up business oportunities.

WHY, PH cannot run away from its 2022, GE15 manifesto is because READ : PH says the manifesto for GE15 is a Kitab suci.

CHANGES in the AP system is required because among others, the AP system here has become an unmountable mountain, preventing the European Union from inking a free trade deal with Malaysia.

SOME blogs even went into the descriptive mode by stating READ : TYCOONS SHIVER! - A POLICY PAPER TO 'REDUCE' MONOPOLIES IS READY, ANNOUNCES RAFIZI 

I doubt, if those shivering on September 2023 are still trembling, and like wise those who own food related business, that makes it by Federal law a crime for other Malaysians to do the same type of business.

ANY one who knows anything about religion will tell you, if the prophecies in your holy book , hasn't been achieved equalls to your communication team actually have nothing much to speak, communicate,  or to convince and win new followers.