Saturday 23 October 2021

AirAsia : Mentari Merah DiUfuk Timur

is the standout single from the standout album of the same name which made SEARCH, the biggest rock band in Malaysia .

Here is a sample  of the 1987 classic ;

Ada yang tertinggal
Setelah terbenam mentari
Ada yang tertinggal
Setelah kering air di kali
Alam telah menyakinkan
Kau mesti pergi

The biggest problem Air Asia is facing , is not one you often read in the financial press either in the print media or even in the portals. 

Some countries are opening WHAT? Where is your prudence? Do we have in place a travel insurance to cover Covid 19?  As far as I know,   the anwser is a HELL NO.

So what's gonna happen to you or your loved ones if you go to say Thailand and get Covid 19? Who gonna pay for the extended stay in Thailand and for the lodging and medical bills?

Definitely  not Santa Claus,  and then there is a question  if your employer will be understanding enough to give you a free pass?

THOSE who are talking about travel  hubs,  better please start talking about travel insurance specific to Covid 19.

That being said AirAsia shares its self is under pressure,  as most are short on the stock.  Some say you can find value at 90 sen,  but others such as the chartist below who has more than 1600 followers say it could be at 40 sen  VIEW : AIRASIA DAMN CHEAP AT 40 SEN