Wednesday 13 October 2021

The Empire Strikes Back? or The Empire is being striked at? : TIKAM!!!

is a song from  two young  hip hoppers Fati & Syamsir .  The song was released some 11 months ago,  and is popular among street Kids.

Politicians do the darnest things,  take for example Michael Chong,  the guy has actually done nothing illegal  as private citizen.

But Michael Chong's over reaction  READ ; I never took RM2mil bribe from Nicky Liow has brought attention to a twitter account and blog site. 

Not  many including myself heard of them before the Michael Chong press statement .

I must admit that the allegations and style of writing is very interesting . THREE  details caught my eye though.  

The first was the sideshow is being primed to become the mainshow.  Here is a tweet from the side show; READ ;Edisi Siasat is a Najib tool

Secondly,  it doesn't  stick to a fixed game plan.  So has the Empire  striked back or is this the case of the Empire being striked at

Karma tak pernah jalan sendiri
Apa yang kau tanam , itu lah yang kau petik
ia selalu berjalan, jalan belakang mu
Dan menunggu  waktu yang tepat untuk menyasarkan mu
Jadi kawan bukan lawan
Tikam belakang bukan kawan

My personal opinion is neither Tun Mahathir , Muhyiddin  or Najib are behind this.

Last but not leased,  those tasked to manage the twitter and blog sites are not from the A list of spin doctor  . THEY HAVE SHORT MEMORIES.
Looking down right STUPID to say officer X  is  corrupt on the blogspot ,  but claim he is our sole hope to fight corruption on the  twitter handle.

Which is which and Stop Pissing in  pants, PLZzzzz.