Sunday 24 October 2021

Apa akan jadi bila Menteri Kewangan adalah seorang : ACTOR

is a single from Michael Learns To Rock,  the Danish Group which was famous in Asia up to the mid 90's.

We all know what happened in the USA, when reality TV actor Donald Trump became the top dog in the White House

Cause he can show you so much
I go to bed and tomorrow again
There's a lot of work to be done
He gives you gold and he will promise you
The whole world will be yours

Memang lah itu janji dia, tapi hakikatnya dia buat dunia kita semua

Which is why I am mighty  confused why Ahiruddin Attan,  the former Business Times Group editor is confused READ : FIVE people will end up as billionaire cronies from our 5G sellout, the rest of us will pay, pay, pay

In Malaysia, reality star or TV actor turned Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul  READZafrul the TV star

thinks that it is a great idea to spend RM11 billion or so on 5G infrastructure,  when the government can actually auction off the 5G spectrum and BRING IN AS MUCH AS RM11 billion INTO ITS COFFERS.

NOW what can the Government do say with RM11 billion?  
Well it can provide A 11 YEAR  BANK WAIVER and fully pay for it for  the B50 group, considering READ : Malaysian banks, APKP budget RM1bil of interest payment waiver for vulnerable B50

Or if the Government  does not want to support the B50 group for 11 years,  it can perhaps use the money to help save the B40 and the rest of us perhaps for the next 6 months with a full waiver.