Wednesday 27 October 2021

Faktor paling WOW dalam Belanjawan 2022 : Bagai Bulan Jatuh Ke Riba

is actually just a line 😁 from Altimet's BUNGA, which was released just a couple of years ago. 

My expectation is the MOST IMPORTANT WOW factor will not be in the Budget,  and that is to ensure banks  aggressively lend to the productive sectors of  the economy.

Aku jumpa  satu brader
Tanya cam mana, dia berkata
Hey, isi ini borang
Keluar wang berkoyan
Korang jangan goyang (bayar kemudian, ooh)
Mohon terus lulus
Tandatangan terus
Siapa taknak berlambak fulus
Bagai bulan jatuh ke riba

I have explained this previously in my post STAY MACAM ROCKY, which in a nutshell states the following :

Banks reluctance to lend and the Government's hesitancy in ensuring that banks take a bit more risk has even forced READ : Mamak Restaurants Now at Mercy of Loan Sharks.

Yes, indeed some of the money lenders are licensed,  and have a new name READ : Kata ZURAIDA KAMALUDDIN Syarikat Kredit Komuniti dibuka elak rakyat pinjam ceti haram

Since the banks are not lending enough to the productive sectors of the economy,  perhaps its time for the Government  to give these so called  KREDIT KOMUNITI companies banking licenses,   so that the interest rates on their lending will come down.

These companies are very aggressive. I just surfed Facebook for about 30 minutes  and came across these. (PS THIS IS NOT AN Advertorial  FOR THESE ENTITIES AND MY ADVISE IS STAY AWAY FROM DEBT)