Wednesday 27 October 2021

The Vibes, Budget, RM886 satu KEPALA : State of Shock

Is the stand out single from the Jackson's 1984 Victory Album,  featuring the Rolling Stones front men Mick Jagger.

A state of shock is what I got after reading the Vibes report on the Budget. READ : Budget 2022 : RM83 billion spending on development expenditure.

just look at me, look at me
State of shock, you drive me
You call me, you call me
You call me in a state of shock

I really wish the reporter did not use big words like Benjamin Franklin, Death and Taxes 

BUT rather just stick to the basics and tell us,  I mean the not so 
BRIGHT ones like me that a RM83 billion allocation for SPENDING ON DEVELOPMENT boils down to only about 23 PER CENT of the RM348 billion budget.

me see,  Malaysia has a 32.7 million population,   so if you take the amount set aside for development (RM83 Billion) and divide it with the number of citizens (32.7 million) and then divide it by 12 months,   the grand total you get is RM886.50 satu kepala.

And that is the amount which is gonna save us.? WOW indeed a WOW Budget!!!