Tuesday 26 October 2021

Crypto Currency : Ketinggalan Zaman

is a song from  the Rock group SLANK.  Lyrics to the song goes something like this.

Kau tak tahu apa yang terjadi
Lihat-lihatlah disana sini
Perubahan kini .. cepat sekali
Kau tak pernah perduli .. nggak mau ambil pusing
Karna kamu . Kamu terlalu 

I believe if in this up coming Budget if we don't  do it,  years from now we will be sitting with a sad 

face like this, rueing our miss opportunities to develop the crypto currency business in Malaysia.   My Guess is we are going to miss it by a mile.

And if that is the case,  then do look at the facts below and understand  why we need a better Finance Minister sebab kita udah KETINGALAN ZAMAN