Thursday 7 October 2021

AppAsia. Rock Steady

is the third track from Bad Company's self titled debut album  released in 1974.  The album is listed as being one of the best heavy metal albums of all time.

2021, was supposed to have been AppAsia's year.  Rakuten had even expected the company to be READ : One of the stand out technology stocks of 2021.

Looking at the stock price, the mother is trading at 14 sen, the warrants are at 10.5 sen and 7 sen respectively, 2021 has not been good for the tech company. 

Well when I
Want to rock steady yeah
I know I got to get ready
Close my eyes and I let myself go
Listen to baby let the music flow

AppAsia now has a market cap of about RM150 million, which is going to be pittence once the market digest , the Government's low key announcement today READ ; Malaysia names Alibaba Cloud as strategic entity to fast track Malaysia digital intelligence.

Basically, what this means is Alibaba too will now be one the four super foreign companies allowed to build hyper data centre's in Malaysia.

Knowing AppAsia's close links to Alibaba, the market should prepare itself for one heck of a story, as AppAsia makes one final move to OWN 2021.