Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Tony Fernandes : Harry Houdini

is the second single from Kon Kan's debut album move to move, which made the top 100  but never matched the group's debut single I  beg Your Pardon which was a global super hit.

Come November 8 this year, Tony Fernandes will eclipse  Harry Houndini, the magician as the greatest escape artist of all time.

Do creditors actually have a choice to reject READ : AirAsia X proposes paying 0.5% of US$8.1b debt

I wanna be like Harry Houdini
And be the one to make the great escape
I wanna be where no one'll see me
You've gotta learn a lesson give and take

Under the same proposal,  the creditors  can also recoup up to 20 per cent of the debt in  the future if AirAsia X is profitable.

The devil is in  the detail,  they say so let's look at AirAsiaX  balance sheet since 2013 

The company as you can see has a history of making huge losses and very small profits, which means if creditors don't accept the 0.5 per cent ,they can expect ZERO.


  1. Cheap doesn't mean good is it? Good for consumer and bad for the company. How many online and new woke business operate this way?

    Heck, AA is even bad for the country with unnecessary travel leading to outflow of currency.

  2. I actually don't have a stance on this one merely pointing out what the financial press is not addressing though its on all forums from Bursa Bets to i3