Wednesday 20 October 2021

Tony Fernandes : Harry Houdini

is the second single from Kon Kan's debut album move to move, which made the top 100  but never matched the group's debut single I  beg Your Pardon which was a global super hit.

Come November 8 this year, Tony Fernandes will eclipse  Harry Houndini, the magician as the greatest escape artist of all time.

Do creditors actually have a choice to reject READ : AirAsia X proposes paying 0.5% of US$8.1b debt

I wanna be like Harry Houdini
And be the one to make the great escape
I wanna be where no one'll see me
You've gotta learn a lesson give and take

Under the same proposal,  the creditors  can also recoup up to 20 per cent of the debt in  the future if AirAsia X is profitable.

The devil is in  the detail,  they say so let's look at AirAsiaX  balance sheet since 2013 

The company as you can see has a history of making huge losses and very small profits, which means if creditors don't accept the 0.5 per cent ,they can expect ZERO.