Thursday 28 October 2021

I Zafrul : Kita Jaga Kita

is a song everyone is familiar with.  It is a song from hip hopper Altimet.

Sentiasa kita jaga kita
Mereka tiada masa untuk kita

Mereka tak tahu rasa hati kita
Sama-sama kita
Kita jaga kita
Kita jaga kita

If this is Tengku Zafrul's last term as Finance Minister
and if UMNO Youth gets its wish for a RM10,000 one of I Citra (or perhaps maybe in a new I scheme),  then the former reality TV actor turned Finance Minister will go on record as having overseen so many I SCHEMES ( I LESTARI, I SINAR and I CITRA) in the history of our country .

As a result of  so many KITA JAGA KITA  schemes, we are now facing with READ : 3.7 million Malaysians having less than RM5000 with EPF. (ps the number has actually gone up now to 4.56 million)

To sum it up,  because of all these I ZAFRUL initiated schemes, what we have now is the RAKYAT has forked out  READ ; MORE THAN RM84 billion This YEAR to save the ECONOMY.

Allow me to remind you that the  RM84 BILLION POWERED BY THE RAKYAT is MUCH MORE than the READ : 

And that my friend is a RECORD expenditure  on development.