Sunday 10 October 2021

PART 2 : Automatik : Tak Nak Jadi Soh Chai

is a song released in 2010 by Malaysia's baddest heavy metal band XPDC. While the press had played up the likes of Search and Wings,.

 On the streets,  the JS Kevin's XPDC ruled . They can prove it with higher record sales as well as in the 1999  concert at Stadium Negara, rocking much harder than Search.

Which is why when  XPDC says Tak Mahu Jadi Soh Chai, you instantly know by being one,  you lose your street credentials immediately.   For traders to lose it on main street,  can ruin one's career. 

The question that is often asked about machine learning and algorithm trading is 

if it is that damn good ,  why provide the facilities for a few hundred dollars, when you can make billions on your own. READI know First, is the best in the business, but people are asking why share if you are that good.

Hilang akal nak jadi tongong
Hey, bengang
Dah lama bengang
Sudah tak boleh nak buat apa
Aku tak nak jadi soh chai
Tak nak jadi soh chai

The Malaysian equivalent  to I Know First is Twistcode's OKANE,   powered by A.D.A.M the most powerful supercomputer in Southeast Asia and No 88 in the world. 

I find OKANE a bit too complicated but you can CHECK IT OUT  ;Free Trail Until End of October.

What I checked out in detail was the free services at Walletinvestor which has a READ ; A consistent 70 per cent hit rate.

I picked three stocks :  AppAsia, because I wrote READ ; Super Computer says the GOOD money is on AppAsia.  

Top Glove Bhd, due to their global dominance and AirAsia Bhd,  to satisfy my curiosity if travel will recover from the Covid 19 plague.

So Let's  check it out for FREE.


I expect Lim Wee Chai to think otherwise and will strive for much better returns.

3. AIRASIA BHD.  The verdict won't be music to Tony Fernandes ears. My personal view is that the machine may havd mapped out that Covid 19 story is not ready for a happy ending just yet and  we are merely mid way the storm.

 Hilang akal nak jadi tongong
Hey, bengang
Dah lama bengang
Sudah tak boleh nak buat apa
Aku tak nak jadi soh chai
Tak nak jadi soh chai

REPUTATIONS CAN BECOME LEGENDARY  If the call is ACCURATE or come crashing down to SO HAI level.  

Which will it be?  This one for me is too close to call.