Saturday 2 October 2021

Ismail Sabri's : Road to Nowhere

is a 1985 top 40 hit on both sides of the Atlantic for the Talking Heads,taken from the album Little Creatures.

We all know that the little creatures in Ismail Sabri's brain is not skewed towards economics, READ ; The MARA digital mall was a politically-motivated move and not a business-driven one. but rather it is one more tilted towards politics.

Well, we know where we're goin'
But we don't know where we've been
And we know what we're knowin'
But we can't say what we've seen
And we're not little children
And we know what we want
And the future is certain
We're on a road to nowhere

 Which is why I feel that the two man who should be held accountable for the 12 Malaysian plan, a plan that is not going to take us anywhere are Mustapa Mohamad  and Tengku Zafrul.

UNFORTUNATELY,  in Mustapa  Mohamad's case, I cannot with a straight face say that his intentions  were good.  

For a man who knew this 16 years ago, that we cannot afford to give people a free pass as it will effect our grandchildren,  then why is in the current plan  A FREE PASS HAS BEEN GIVEN?  READ ; Malaysian freight forwarders must meet 51 per cent Bumi ownership by 2022

APART from helping some FAT CAT BUMI,  this is NOT GOING TO HELP THE AVERAGE MALAY READ : How A SINGLE BUMI SUPPLIER became FAT, while the average Malay lost their pants.

If it is true READ : RM2 billion CANDY for foreign consultants as revealed by former Business Times group editor  Ahirudin Attan, IS WHAT IT TOOK FOR Mustapa Mohamad to unlearn the good virtues he had 16 years ago, then it was MONEY spent in WASTE.

APART, from the freight forwarders, the biggest LOSER here is NAJIB RAZAK as it strikes an evil dagger into the heart of his policy spiritually,  that saved millions of Malaysians during the lockdown by providing them an opportunity to earn HALAL MONEY.

Without those policies which helped the Malay wage earners, instead of some FAT CAT, the likes of GRAB, FOOD PANDA,  LAZADA and SHOPEE, would NOT have been able to operate here with no caps in ownership .

As for Tengku Zafrul, I am afraid it has more to do with a SHEER LACK OF COMPETENCE.  Lacking in the plan is on how we are going to lift those READ : Livin on TWO dollars a day in Rich Malaysia.

There was not much of a plan, on what can turn out to be a much more deadlier attack than Covid 19 on Malaysia READ ; Malaysia may become aging society by 2030

Where are the sustainable  plans on housing, medical treatment for this age group, because they can wreck havoc on the Malaysian economy and social fabric.  

The EPF is very well aware of this ticking time bomb,  which is why it will openly tell you that READ ;  32% of EPF contributors have less than RM5,000 in Account 1, or Almost half of EPF contributors have less than RM10,000

BUT it won't go into details on HOW LITTLE those by 2030 will be part of the aging Malaysia  owns and the tragedy facing them in the coming decade.

If that was NOT ENOUGH, Zafrul didn't have sound economic justification on how, we as a nation are going to make the RM2976 LEAP, when our last jump was less than RM2000