Friday 15 October 2021

Securities Commision : Tikus Tikus Kantor

is a song from Iwan Fals,  from his 1993 Ethopia album.

Kucing datang cepat ganti muka
Segera menjelma bagai tak tercela
Masa bodoh hilang harga diri
Asal tak terbukti ah tentu sikat lagi
Tikus-tikus tak kenal kenyang
Rakus, rakus, bukan kepalang
Otak tikus memang bukan otak udang
Kucing datang tikus menghilang.

While the cat was away how did  the mouse play , did it play with a whole lotta love  and understanding?

Honestly I do not know the anwser to my own question as I am neither a cat nor a mouse.  I am just a human being who does not understand the meaning of REPRIMAND .

For instance let's look at the not so curious case of  China Automobile Parts Holdings Ltd.

According to NST,  the Securities Commision   said  ; "Between 2013 and 2018, CAP had also furnished false or misleading financial statements to Bursa Malaysia due to overstatement of FenSun's bank balances,"

Wow for FIVE FREAKING YEARS,  and uhh the all so powerful Securities Commision  has given a REPRIMAND... not charging any one in Court?

Since this is not the first of April,  assume the NST article READ  :    SC merely reprimand China Automotive for making fools out of Malaysian Investors for half a DECADE  

which I personally checked on the SC website to verify the  accuracy  is not  a bad April FOOL joke.

No protest from the Edge and Minority Shareholders WatchDog  Group , this time around? 

If the company was owned by a BIN  close to UMNO,  this two will be the first to poke holes in the reprimand.