Sunday, 31 October 2021

EPF ; It's Hot In Here!!!

is the 2002 global hit by Nelly, taken from the multiple gold selling album called Nellyville.

So hot in
So hot in herre

So hot in

Wanna a little bit a
And a little bit a
Check a little bit a
Just a little bit a

Rarely have I seen or read a statement from the EPF on a non working day, a curious late statement on a Sunday night. 

I wonder why cannot wait until Monday morning. Could it be the EPF is getting pressure from the politicians who are starting to see Melaka slipping away.

Thus far, UMNO is getting very little support from PAS and BERSATU in trying to justify why UMNO Youth's TUNTUTAN for a one off RM10,000 withdrawal  from the EPF was not included in the Budget 2022.


  1. We sometimes have to relent to the fact that not all will be in favour of having epf. Their life, their choice.

    The non-bumis have long learn that you should get your lives together. And if you become reliant on the Government for financial assistance, you are as good as screwed for life.

  2. I believe every layer of society is facing difficulties. That being said ...I do love it when politicians get trapped with their own words