Wednesday 13 October 2021

Tengku Zafrul . Gerimis Mengundang

version I like is the duet between Jamal Abdillah &  Ameng.  

The last time I played this song in the blog was on June 23.  FLASHBACK ;  Muhyiddin Yassin, it is Gerimis mengundang. Within 54 days,  he no longer was Prime Minister.

Just as  a reminder,   when most felt  Muhyiddin had withstand the storm and was set for a home run,  I wrote  FLASHBACK to August 10  : Najib Razak's . I'm gonna tear your playhouse down..

Over the past 72 hours , some interesting appointments

and statement were made . It is still early days  , nevertheless its  Gerimis Mengundang time for  Tengku Zafrul.

Kusangkakan panas berpanjangan
Rupanya gerimis, rupanya gerimis
Mengundang a-ha-ha-ah
Dalam tak sedar 'ku kebasahan
Pernah juga kau pinta perpisahan
Aku sangkakan itu hanyalah
Gurauan a-ha-ha-ah
Nyata kau serius

Some people have foolish categorised Shahril Sufian Hamdan's appointment READ  As Director of Economics in the Prime Minister's Office  as just another mindless appointement.

Well it is not.  This is a man with a keynesian mindset

Basically, Shahril is the opposite of Zafrul in terms of actually what needs to be done and done ASAP.

At about the same time, Shahril's boss in UMNO Youth  outlined something similar which  I wrote,  FLASHBACK if you feel the people really need more of I Citra or a new SCHEME then do it now., WHY WAIT FOR BUDGET DAY UNLESS YOU ARE PLAYING TO THE GALLERY FOR VOTES.

The silence has been EERIE.