Friday 22 October 2021

Is Tengku Zafrul the Donald Trump of Malaysia? : Give me hope Joanna

is the 1988 smash hit from Eddie Grant,  that broke into the top ten of the UK charts, and with that into the history books as one of the best selling protest song in our time.

Talking about HISTORY,  how many of us remember that Tengku Zafrul, just like Donald Trump owes it to television to reviving their careers.

If Donald Trump had the 2004 APPRENTICE  to thank for, for the revival of the Trump brand that would eventually land him the top job in the White House,  Tengku Zafrul can thank his lucky starts for the 2008 reality show READ; THE FIRM : MADE Tengku Zafrul INTO the TV STAR

Those were the days, when Zafrul was best buddies with Kalimullah Hassan before READ : ROCKYBRU : Zafrul Kena Game Lagi!!!.

Kena game atau tak,  the show did put Zafrul in the lime light, to win some top jobs, which eventually led him to be named by the then BERSATU led government as Finance Minister.

Despite, being the BERSATU choice, Zafrul has managed to hold on and so far has put UMNO Youth in a very embarrassing situation READ :RAKYAT TERDESAK

Got supporters in high up places
Who turn their heads to the city sun
Jo'anna give them the fancy money
Oh to tempt anyone who'd come
Even knows how to swing opinion
In every magazine and the journals
For every bad move that this Jo'anna makes
They got a good explanation

Look no further than TheEdge,  READ ; M Shanmugam says the ERA of free Money is Over
No doubt, the whole article was designed to sway opinion on the PEANUT measures the Finance Ministry has dished out so far. READ : Interest waiver won’t help B50 group that much, says economist

And what about the non B50, what are we to do? Bang  Balls is it?