Tuesday 12 October 2021

Tengku Zafrul, Bank Negara ; Stay Macam RocKy

is a song released more than half a decade ago when hip hopper Benzooloo had a longer  name : Benny Benzooloo.

Kenapa pilih Rambo?
KENAPA pilih rocky?
Mereka cuma orang sama
Tapi Karisma api
Buat semua kerja berat
Tapi Aku bukan LABOUR

We cannot have an interest waiver when we have the likes of Bank Negara and Tengku Zafrul trying to pick between  Rambo and Rocky when both are the same man: Sylvester Enzio Stallone.

Nothing much can be achieved if we have people in authority looking to solve this matter, with a mind of a labour,  by working long hours but achieving  NOTHING.

An interest waiver is possible,  if we overhaul how banks  operate these days, as well as by using  the income tax  laws to ensure that the government does not  get a RAW deal.

Before even looking at giving out a waiver,  first try to correct the imbalances ,  it's the people who are getting hurt. 

Do you know why it has risen so much? Behind it lays, one of the biggest rip offs of all time. READ

So basically,  what is happening  now is the Finance Ministry and Bank  Negara are YELPING about the negative impact of a waiver  on the banks WHILE DOING NOTHING TO CORRECT THE WRONG THAT HAS BEEN DONE TO THE CONSUMER...  paying for a value which only exist in the SKY.

Why not do what Singapore is doing on a weekly basis by making sure every sale, every week the actual price of the property are declared?

 Is it because then a select few people will lose out while the rakyat will REJOICE.?

Or maybe it is because BANKS have become ADDICTS ?

that banks are not lending enough  to the productive sectors of the economy and is going to get a shock of its life time
the he finds out what are the banks doing with the extra money in its pocket READ ; Instead of giving out loans, fat cat banks are buying up their own shares to look good.
Stop talking about waivers, correct the imbalances.  And talking about the imbalances,  Tengku Zafrul  when are you going to put a stop to RULE 78?, the dark secret of the banks , which bleeds the public  READ; This Is How Banks Fooled You With the Rule of 78

IF these imbalances are corrected, perhaps then the citizens of this great soil won't have to be treated like free loaders.  
Granted, if we then still require some help in terms of a waiver,  then look at our tax laws on how to get it done.

Tax those who receive a waiver,  reduce the per cent of tax a bank has to  pay,  so that those gains can be used by the banks to offset the waiver.
All these are not probable but they are possible provided the imbalances are corrected . We  are  going to achieve  ZERO if we keep  looking at Rambo and Rocky , without realising , it's the SAME GUY.