Tuesday, 7 December 2021

5 G shocker from the Malaysian Government : PISAU DUNIA

Is a song recorded last year by Sharisk & Bobiee, during the lockdown. Pisau Dunia is all about life,  plus how to spot toxic people.

Gaya acha kaya
Hari hari tukar baju
Diorang tak tahu
Kau kaki ampu
tokok tambah cerita
Konon number ONE lah
Berita disampaikan
Dia cerita lain
Jaga kain sendiri 
Bukan orang punya kain

DIGITAL NASIONAL  BHD, (,DNB)   just got a shocker of a PISAU from ther communications minister Annuar Musa. READ : The 5G U TURN, after Telekom Malaysia agrees to work DNB, has just blown open a hornet nest

DNB  a special purpose vehicle  entity  controlled by the Ministry of Finance was supposed to be 5G  tsar of Malaysia.

DNB has taken loans,  recruited  mobile virtual network operators and entered into a multi billion  dollar agreement with  Ericsson.
Najib Razak,  yet again shows that he has the wisdom  and common sence to make sound  judgements,   even on matters he opposes. READ :  NAK BATALKAN DNB AKAN BAZIRKAN BERBILLION RINGGIT DAN ....

QUESTIONS  must be asked,  with  answers forth coming from Annuar Musa, why make a U TURN  
now,  which will be hugely embarrassing  to Ismail Sabri,  who happens to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia

WHY highly embarrassing?   Consider this,   did the Prime Minister,  merely read our the proposed 12th Malaysian Plan or really worked  on it or 
was he just saying in jest 

WHATEVER,  it' is or it may be,  one thing is certain here.  Big business can get away with murder,  robbery or even embarrassing a Prime Minister.

The odd man out,  holding the short losing hand though remains the same.  It is the  Rakyat. 

NO minister  stood with the people ,  when Air Asia  said that for every RM2000 it happily took from us,  it will give us back .. RM50 only.

Expect none to stand up either  to save DNB,  the only entity which has the framework required to force telcos to compete against each other, not  via speed but  with superior  cost effective product offerings  to  JOE PUBLIC.