Friday, 3 December 2021

The RM26 billion Conundrum : Mr Telephone Man

was a top ten hit for New Editon,  way back in 1983.  The lead vocalist for this trio is a very young and different Bobby Brown.

Please operator
See what you can do
I dialed the right number
But I still couldn't get though
Would you just check the line
Just one more time if you can
I'm pretty sure my phone wouldn't be answered by no man.

Those of us in  the city, most likely may have not had  consistent poor network connection and inconsistent  data speed .

In the fringe outskirts though,  an indifference  story exist.  One of neglect led  by telcos  who are not interested in same standard connectivity level  across Malaysia.

What is happening now is the telcos build to the tilt in commercial areas, while in areas where population and  income ilare less,  the telcos are there just to show face and make sure the numbers work for them.

Impressive score  card indeed for the telcos, with the RM26 billion capital expenditure,  looking like money well spent 

But it only tells a small part of the story.  The other part, looks ridiculously third world. 

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