Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Ismail Sabri : After the rain!!!!

is a song from Canadian rock group Nickelback which was the biggest rock  band in the world  up to the decade  ending 2010.

Malaysia's luckiest man in 2021 ,  should take heed from the Nickleback rhyme :

After the rain
Spend your days happy and grateful
Avoid the taste of wanting and wasteful
Every good thing will come in moderation
Envy and greed will only lead to frustration
Choose your friends, carefree and kindly
Choose your words, careful and wisely.

For me,  Ismail Sabri is the luckiest Malaysian  this year on two counts,  namely because he is the long shot  who became Prime Minister,  and just when things started to heat up in UMNO for an early General Election,  West Malaysia has been drowned by the rain.

The once in a 100 year brural rainfall that caused the mayhem floods  though   will eventually  stop  and 2021 too will come to an end.  

And when that happens,  Najib Razak,  Zahid Hamidi,  Tok Mat and their minnion,   the UMNO Youth head will be waiting for him.

Lucky in 2021 will count for nothing in 2022,  or it may just count for everything,  though Ismail Sabri's,detractors  will be banking  that no one can be lucky all the time.

If you think rhe political drama in 2021 was intense,   just wait

for that fat lady to sing.  It's gonna be DYNAMITE in 2022!!!