Monday, 6 December 2021

The Stock Market Tanks :The Writting On The Wall

is a massive club hit for 2-4 Grooves ,a German , house band led by two DJs : Stephan Drobez

Sasha Mulder.

You don't see the writing on the wall
Passin' by
Movin' straight ahead you knew it all
But maybe sometimes if you feel the pain

You'll find you're all alone
Everything has changed

Ismail Sabri,  and his Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul might have NOR seen or perhaps not want to see the writing on the wall,  but UMNO better wake up and read the writting on  the wall,  for 

the love has gone.  The bitter fact is UMNO would probably lose a GE if Ismail Sabri is their PM  candidate.

Ever since the budget,  the market has voted with its money of what it thinks of the Budget.  READ : Nazir Razak's CIMB says trading value has nose dived 44% year-on-year in November to RM2.95 billion.

SURE enough  the stock market is a big loser. Year todate,  the market now is at its lowest level 1483.45 points,  way off its peak 1695 points.  That peak, too was reaches when another man was Prime Minister.

Hiding behind the Covid 19 tree,  won't work this time, because we are watching with envy  Jokowi's  Jakarta Stock Exchange  clocking a year todate gain of close  to 900 points.