Wednesday 1 December 2021

Najib Razak : We Don't Need Another Hero!!!

is one of Tina Turner's  biggest hit ever,  which was the title track for the motion picture Mad Max Thunderdome,  which featured Mel Gibson as the lead.

THOSE not from Malaysia,  would rightfully think that it's utter madness 

to give Najib Razak a second chance.

We are the children
The last generation (the last generation)
We are the ones they left behind
And I wonder when we
Are ever gonna change, change
Living under the fear
'Til nothing else remains
We don't need another hero

BUT what choice do we have?

BUT to lead,  Najib Razak post Dec 8 2021,must be willing to take the kiddie gloves off when it comes to Ismail Sabri.

The buck stops with Ismail Sabri ,  from the RM10k  one off I Citra  proposal which did not see the light of day, to the prosperity tax  and the uninspiring  budget.  

Najib Razak needs Malaysia and Malaysia needs him,  both for their selfish reasons.  For Najib Razak, perhaps a second shot of a prospect of being Malaysia's best Prime Minister.

Malaysia needs Najib Razak.  Why would I say such a thing?  Consider this , Crude Palm Oil is trading  at RM5000 per tonne   Crude Oil per barrel,   according to  Bank of America should hit USD120 per barrel before June 2022 and our electronic  sector is booming.

WHY is then we ate so UNDER OPTIMISTIC?   The anwser to that is LEADERSHIP or in our case a LACK OF LEADERSHIP