Monday, 27 December 2021

Lim Kim Yew, Malu APA ???? : BolehBla!!!

is a song from Malaysian hip hop singer Yonniboii,  which was released in 2019, which is some two years ago. 

Lee Kim Yew , I personally feel is out of touch with the  seismic shift on the ground. READ ; AIB BESAR MENGUNDANG NAJIB RAZAK.

Banyak semak-samun yang ku cuba untuk sapu
Sampah merata masyrakat tak boleh maju
I got low self-esteem but now I'm out of my box
Not a rapper, not a singer, I'm the voice in the box
You ain't gotta be that way
'Gila-BABI' that's a phrase
Kau boleh, boleh, boleh, boleh bla
Siapa? Mengapa?
Tak tahu? Mengapa?
Tak suruh kau suka pon (takyah)

It is best,  for Lim Kim Yew to open his eyes,  as the seismic shift have now taken a form and shape, that is ready for conquest.

 Indeed,  Najib Razak  is now a DANGEROUS  man,  far more DANGEROUS than when he was Prime Minister.

The World Chinese Economic Forum,  I believe recognises that the inept running of  the country especially the economy from the PH Government, and the ones led by Muhyiddin Yassin  and now Ismail Sabri,

has turned Najib Razak into the king of hearts, in Malaysian politics, regardless or shall I say inspite of 1MDB.  

And why is this so...only the man in the mirror knows