Sunday, 26 December 2021

The Story of DNB will Be Told : Part 6: Communication Let Me Down

was a big hit for  Spandau Ballet,  way backin 1983. The song is listed in rhe group's third album  TRUE.

TRUTH  or dare, we shall soon find out,  thiough I can tell you at the Malaysian  telco heaven,  the God .'s  were concerned about an all out attack on Digital Nasional Bhd

The telcos  were hiding a secret unknown  to the Malaysian public until this  year.  READ :

But at the sana time rhe service provided is AMONG the  WORST IN South Eazy Asia, READ ;  The 5G future ready mantra has a slow network connection problem. Consumers are paying premium money for third rate service

Waiting for the bell to ring
Short change, fumble
Dial-a-heart trouble
And I ain't got time for searching through the rubble, oh no
Well, I know
Communication let me down
And I'm left here
Communication let me down
And I'm left here, I'm left here

The telcos know it and wants to have peace with Digital Nasional Bhd  as the 

truth will definitely come out. 

But there is another master in  this GAME,  one that is willing to let  READ : RM230 billion investment in education go up in smoke in order to pocket a maximum RM35billion.

Next Week Past 7 :  Master and Slave,  the untold story