Monday, 20 December 2021

Karma appears miraculously as a Mirror on Malaysia's 5G putsch : Don't tell me I'm the Devils friend

was a massivei in 1984 hit for the British synth-pop duo Blancmange,  which happenes to be one of my favorite groups.  The song is taken from the group's second studio album  Mange Tout .

Don't tell me I'm the howling wind
Don't tell me you're the wounded star
And don't tell me I'm the devil's friend
Don't tell me
Don't tell me
I've gone too far
I can't get a grip on who
I can't get a grip on you

KARMA has an identity crisis,    as deep as those who oppose Digital Nasional Bhd to overlord  Malaysia's  5G plans and ambitions.  READ : Malaysia's Parliment told its quite miraculous that DNB would be selling the 5G spectrum at a lower price to telcos.

Similar to  Karma,  Miracle has another name,  and it's called hard work 

ONE may ask, what can Digital Nasional Bhd do that the telcos and Huawei cannot do?  The anwser  to that is nothing except the desire to do it well.

Under the original 2019/2020 plan,  the number of jobs that would have been created was some 260 PER CENT LOWER THAN THE JOB OPPORTUNITIES THAT DIGITAL NASIONAL  WILL BE CREATING.

and then 

Some at the Ministry of Communications were hell bent on providing the telcos a lifeline,  even despite  gross incompetence which had resulted in   READ : Complaints on cellular services in Malaysia surges by a SHOCKING 433 per cent

That  when we left the telcos to their own device, until today we are paying more money to use 4G then those who use 5G.  READ,A single wholesale network (SWN) for 5G in Malaysia will allow consumers to pay RM1 per gigabyte of data versus the RM2 they were paying for 4G bandwidth

Malaysia is one of few countries in the world,  who actually has successfull and positive results from  awarding mega communication infrastructure project to a single entity.

Some 13 years ago,  in 2008 despite shouts of bailout ,  the Government awarded  READ : Telekom Malaysia wins RM 11 billion highspeed broadband project

When you have desire to do so , coupled with hardwork and knowledge,  then those who do not pocess those characteristics,   will claim that a miracle has taken place