Friday, 31 December 2021

5G Shakedown, Karma Returns with Vengence : Who's Your Money On

is a single taken from the Inhaler's debut album It Won't  Always be like this, which topped the UK charts upon release this July.

It won't last
Time will pass
The thunder comes
On so fast
Who's your money on?
This plastic house is built on sand

It is written that a house built on rock will stand against time, while the ones built on sand will wither away.  What can I  say EXCEPT

Will Zahidi Zainul Abidin,  a Deputy Minister who has constantly  challenged Ericsson's RM11 billion contract award, after bidding  RM700 million lower than its rivals change his TUNE ?

Zahidi, who was overseas during the floods that ravaged my country,  had raised a point on the financially strong Ericsson  READ If Ericsson goes bankrupt, what will happen to this project? The rakyat want to know,”

I am CERTAIN, the RAKYAT will want to know and view with the UTMOST concern if Huawei is brought into the picture,  especially so since READ : ON THIS DATE : 21 SEPT 2021, Huawei chairman Eric Xu, hopes that the company will remain in existence 10 years from now, as revenue fall RM225 Billion

The truth is that 5G must not be seen as a plaything for you and me or even as a way to make an extra Ringgit or Two.  

Yes All these are important, but they pale with why the Government  has gone with Digital Nasional Bhd.

5G is our commitment and investment for a different Malaysia. The Malaysia,  we once had, but lost along the way.  

It's an investment on the future,  so that a child from Changloon in Kedah all the way to the child at swanky Kenny Hills will stand an equal chance to succeed. READ : The Man who runs Malaysia's sole entry in World's top 50 international schools, says all schools must be connected to the 5G Grid.

We cannot do, what we have done before and HOPE for success.  We will fail,  just like how we are now standing,  on the brink of failure.  The facts are as below, which we must rectify,  or we will surely fail :

1. MCMC must change its ways and insist on a minimum 95 per cent or even 100 per cent coverage of entire Malaysia. READ : CURRENTLY : the operator must provide connectivity to 95% of the population, not 95% of the geographical area.

2. Support Prime Minister Ismail Sabri aim to fight DIGITAL POVERTY  by providing equal  connection at equal speed to every Malaysian at the same cost. READ : Digital access is as vital as clean water and reliable energy supply if we want NO Malaysian to be left behind.

3. Accept that the telcos have had a field day with the 4G, which they help build with Huawei at the expense of the rakyat -consumer,  and move on by not falling into the same shit hole.  READ Laos and Vietnam have faster internet speed than Malaysia, which saw download speed fall at 4.8 per cent in 2020

4. The government of the day must  honour its word, as long as there is no corrupt practice is involved and not backtrack just because some powerful politicians are demanding a policy U TURN to a model which is a proven failure. NOTE :  Digital Nasional Bhd,  which is 100 per cent owned by the Government of Malaysia todate have inked agreements with private foreign companies such as Deutsche Bank & Ericsson  to the tune of  RM11.4 billion.