Wednesday, 22 December 2021

COURAGE in the PRESENCE of FEAR : Hujan Badai, Angin Ribut Halilintar

is a just released single by Dj Komang,  that is already bossing Tik Tok around like nobody's business. 

It is said that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. 

With triumph, often comes the winds of change., While Malaysians will always be grateful for what Ismail Sabri had done,  providing some much needed stabilitythe Prime Minister must change his ways or be changed 

So I must replace you
Hujan Badai
Angin Ribut
Bukan halangan....

TWICE ,  this year  under Ismail Sabri's watch the Malaysian army, known for its discipline  and profesionalism has done what is right for the people,  regardless of the consequences.   

When he was defense minister and the minister in charge of cluster,  before the camels back could break,  the army spoke out READ :  Army general: Lack of coordination, speed are why Covid-19 wave can't be beaten

Just this week,  once again before the camels back could break, READ ; The Malaysian Army, tired of waiting for a directive Swings Into Action on its own to Save The People.

As with our army,  the people of Malaysia too, will not go down without a fight.  Ismail Sabri too,  better buck up for a fight,  as the man who could well become the  next Prime Minister of Malaysia once General Elections are held,  said it as it is. READ :Mohamad Hasan : Denying motion to debate Flood issue in Parliament a ‘serious neglect of responsibility’,

The buck stops at the Prime Minister's desk, even when some of the decisions made on the ground are made with or with out his direct instructions,  and when ministers treat the flood as a
photo opportunity,   the buck still stops at Ismail Sabri's desk.

AND the surest way to make sure that ,  the people will boot you out from that desk  is to hound and prosecute ,  the weakest set of people, who are now being hailed as heros by Malaysians,  who would normally give their nod of approval when the authorities  act against them.  READ :  Against All Odds Bangladeshis fight the high tides, break into Mydin and distribute the loot to feed starving Malaysians.