Friday 29 April 2022

5G, Digital Banking : Punish the Monkey.

is from the 2007 released Kill The Crimson album, the fifth solo effect from writer cum producer, cum guitar player,  the versatile Dire Straits, lead vocalist  Mark Knopfler.

GENTING ,  even with support from  Pahang and Sabah state Government's , were not chosen due to the negative press on the huge losses suffered by Genting Hong Kong.

You've gone as quiet as a church mouse
And checking on your rights
The boss has hung you out to dry
And it looks as though
Punish the monkey
And let the organ grinder go

LIKE wise,  Its time for U Mobile to bury any ambition to build Malaysia's 5G highway. Accept that the bad press from high profile drug case,  has ensure that Digital Nasional Bhd will remain  the sole 5G manager in Malaysia.