Tuesday 12 April 2022

Khairy Jamaluddin: SINGAPUR

or better known as Vamos Para (Let's  go toSingapur is a  song released in 2020,  by  two of  the biggest names in  Latin pop and hip hop,  FarrukoMyke Towers.

Vamos para Singapur; para, para
Para Singapur-pur, para Singapur-pur
Para Singapur-pur, para Singapur-pur
Vamos para Singapur; para, para

FOR failed B grade actor VIEW : The Actor,  Khairy Jamaluddin  Singapore must surely hold bitter sweet memories.

AFTER Khairy Jamaluddin's failure to make it in the TV World,  which also included a stint as presenter in Dateline Malaysia.

HIS next best bet was politics,  which eventually would lead him to ECM Libra,  which had a knack of stringing Malaysian asset sales to Singapore entities  during the premiership of Khairy Jamaluddin's  father in law Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

IRONICALLY  it was from Singapore,  the first serious attempt to unseat Badawi took place. READ : Malaysia PM should step down earlier, says Muhyiddin Yassin.

WHATEVER bad blood between Muhyiddin Yassin and the Badawi political faction now headed by Khairy Jamaluddin  seems to have been washed away. 

COINCIDENCE or not the second largest shareholder in flight food caterer , the financially troubled Brahim Holdings is VIEW : Focus Dynamics Group Bhd a company which a long history with Kenneth Vun.

COMING back to Singapore,  I will take it with a huge pinch of salt, it is mere coincidence  that a READ : Singaporean Company Is MySejahtera Software Owner’s Sole Shareholder