Friday 22 April 2022

All Roads To Serba Dinamik LEADS to the Securities Commission @ : Devil's Cup.

is the deep house track of 2020,  powered by the haunting vocals of Leony,  while the German electronic dance music duo,  Vize keeping the music tight and sharp.

SERBA Dinamik's 26 pager to Bursa Malaysia, spliced with death threats & intimidation ,   is a complete waste of time and SPACE , as fails to bring us even a small step closer to what actually triggered the RM3.15 Billion Ringgit Avalanche.

ONE can start by asking  the Securities Commision  to state how many times Serba Dinamik fail to meet the IPO requirements  of  the requlator   prior to the appearance of KPMG?

Turned you down too many times
Gotta start to read between the lines
Turned you down too many times
Gotta start to read between the lines
Said it once, now I’ll say it twice
Take my hand, come and lift me up
Turned you down too many times
Said it once, now I’ll say it twice
Wanna play with fire, gonna roll the dice

IN the years following its listing,   Serba Dinamik turned into a monster hot stock ,  grounded on fundamentals  as market regulators,  and other gate keepers  conveniently failed to do their job.   


THE first question  should be  on who on earth schooled  Serba Dinamik on  this legal but  dark accounting art?

FOLLOWED  by, are we to believe that for more than 1000 daysnot a single market regulator,  banker,   accountant,  or business journalist in this LAND spooted the red flags  or had zero knowledge on what was taking place?

COWARDLY silence  is also responsible for our  failure  to unmask  the individual or organization responsible for  WATCH:  : Engineering an Open Market raid on 13.48 per cent of Serba Dinamik At 80 Sen A Piece In A Frantic 60 MINUTE Trade

THE  Securities Commision  surveillance unit  is equipped to detect  the buyer of the shares as well as to probe if the buyer averaged down at a latter date to bring their cost to   say to 44 sen. 

Where is this set of information? 

ASSUMING on requotation Serba Dinamik shares  hits  RM1somebody would be richer by more than RM300 million. Who is that somebody

NEITHER has the SC  charged  government fund managers for market manipulation,  although there is a basis to do so.  READ & RECALL28 Days Before EPF ceased to be a substantial shareholder, EPF was happily telling the World That Something Is Not Right In Serba Dinamik

SCROLL for the latest information on Bursa Malaysia's website today,  and one will be schooled that READ   : the Bravehearts at EPF, and other government linked funds silently own a combined 15 per cent of Serba Dinamik. 

SO what was all  that drama for?   And for whose benefit was the drama staged ?

BEING an unemployed journalist,  a crusade on how the deck of cards were played , is a risky burden too heavy for me to.......

BUT I have not kept silent either. There is enough material here,  to dismiss gut feeling as a valid consideration that all roads to  Serba Dinamik leads to the Securities Commission.