Monday 4 April 2022

Let's ask Putin on MySejahtera : Satu Kali

is a track from the President AKA Joe Flizzow from his 2003 Havoc album.

With so much being said on MySejahtera, the money aspect, the technical aspects,  the board aspects,  along side MORAL DEFICIT and integrity aspects,  I am sure most may have formed an opinion despite getting lost in some of  the narrative. 

Di dalami seni ini sebelum ia terlambat
Jangan biar media massa meracuni minda
Ambil yang jernih keruh jangan di simpan
Jangan sesekali tertipu dengan penampilan
Kemahiran programming mereka bisa menjahilkan
Satu kali untuk mata yang memerhati

Why Not ask Vladimir Putin,  the Russian president,  who looks game to anwser weird questions. READ :  Putin confirms to mankind, that he is human

I have chosen Putin, because the guy will likely give you a straight  anwser,  popular on Tilk and the freeworld suspects not all the screw's in his head  Is acoounted for.

A 13  year old will be able to also  give an anwser, eventhough the individual may not even be familiar with concept of nation.┼ét
The question  is :

1.  Will you pick a foreign  company to help manage 32 million people data?

2.  Let us assume that via  a CSR  exercise,   the foreign  company  had won  the job.  But after 22 months they still don't want to make Malaysia their regional HQ.Will you then shameless, give this foreign  company a direct nego concession?

Malaysia can ill afford a never ending  story. What we need is deliverance and a fresh start. ARREST  Minister's  if they have strayed, a disgrace to our FLAG