Monday 11 April 2022

Made In Malaysia @ Penny Wise, Pound Foolish : Ikan Kekek

is a song from  the legendary Puan Sri Saloma, that has sound advise,  which still resonates in Malaysia today.

MALAYSIANS have been in uproar over READ : The 36 per cent interest rate charge by GoPinjamwhile completely ignoring the hypocrisy in  front of us and the dysfunctional financial minds that seek to govern us.

TO APPLY for a RM100 loan,  the minimum loan amount under the GoPinjam scheme,  READ :  Applicant's are required to submit a one-month payslip.

CONSIDER this then,  to get your hands on  RM100,  you need a pay slip,  but  apparently  to buy a Prima House,  you don't  need one.  READ : Prospective buyers no longer need a payslip to apply for a PR1MA housing loan.

Apa guna kita mencela
Jaga diri biar sempurna
janganlah ikut orang yang gila
kelak kita jadi merana.

GOADING into populist rhetoric,  with scant regard to challenge  the  wisdom of no need pay slip for housing loan versus need pay slip for RM100 loan,  is a dire warning that we have indeed  sent either the wrong bunch  or the crazy bunch to Parliment.