Saturday 30 April 2022

SaPuRA Energy Bhd : Bukan Kaleng Kaleng!!!!

is the song that brought Nisa Fauzia to the forefront on Malay pop.  That was in  2019,   and the 24 year old keeps growing in strength.

TWO years ago, one month after Hari Raya,  Sapura Engergy said  it was laying off 20 per cent of its workforce.  Sapura used to employ 10,000 .

FAST forward  today,  just days before Hari Raya,  Sapura  direct and indirect workers  are in the same boat.

What Malaysia needs is corporate minds yang bukan Kaleng Kaleng, and not leaders who freeze or leaders who cannot see the bigger picture.

Yang takkan mudah oleng
Tak mudah digandeng
Bukan kaleng kaleng
Yang takkan mudah cengeng
Tulus tanpa topeng

JALIL Rasheed ,  the former PNB owe it to Malaysia, to state that if under his watch,  there was hanky panky things going on in Sapura. READ:  Sapura Energy denies social media allegations involving CEO

AS for Rafizi Ramli, a true leader offers solutions, is able to look at the big picture, and  offer a workable solution. Only after that,  go after the culprits.

IF Sapura has value, it must be saved.  Many, I believe do not know this story.