Monday 11 April 2022

Khairy Jamaluddin : AMBOI!!!!

is the title track  of  Altimet's  third studio album which was released in 2016.  The album,  helped consolidate  the rapper's role as one the nation's premier  Malay hip hopper.

AMBOI literally is an  interjection word used to express explicit feeling such as amazement and wonder.  And we do wonder what does Khairy Jamaluddin have in store for us in 48 hours time.

Mahu gaji besar tapi kerja sambil lewa
Amboi amboi
Amboi amboi amboi
Mari-mari tuan puan ,akak adik  , abang dengar ini cerita
Ambil teropong kaca mata tengok jenguk dipersila
Nak panggil waras susah tak baik kalau gelar gila
Ni kes sebelanga susu rosak akibat dua tiga titik nila

WHAT will the health minister say to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)  come April 14?  
Will he beat around the bush and stray out of topic ? READ : EU acceptance of MySejahtera vax cert validates system, says KJ

AND if the PAC members,  were to take the gloves off,   can Khairy Jamaluddin  honestly say that the direct negotiations is in the best interest of Malaysia.?  And even if he says it,  will the people  buy the story?

LUCKY for Malaysia,  there is an almost similar like case going on  in France regarding their version of MySejahtera

LUCKY for Malaysia too,  the case in France,   can help us benchmark cost and measure Khairy Jamaluddin  a bit better .

HERE is a report that will make the French a bit more happier,  while Malaysian might only be able to say READ : Amboi!!!, very interesting ....

THE report among others states :

[  ] Excluding communication costs, TousAntiCovid ( The French contact tracing App)  reportedly costs about RM17 million.

[  ] In contrast, Entomo Malaysia told the Malaysian government in its MySejahtera public-private partnership proposal in November or December 2020 that it costs about RM138.9 million annually to operate the app, including software as a service (SaaS) that costs RM120 million a year.

[  ] MySejahtera is about eight times more expensive to run, based on the app developer’s estimates, than TousAntiCovid (excluding promotion costs and including tax) that serves France’s 67.8-million population, double the size of Malaysia’s 32.4 million population.

[  ] TousAntiCovid reportedly has about 50 million users, while MySejahtera has 38 million