Thursday 7 April 2022

MYsejahtera : Kita LAWAN Mereka!!!

is the debut single  by Stand Here Alone,  the guitar and drum centric  indie band,  formed  12 year ago.  It would take another 4 years, before the band released their debut album MelodiChildish, in 2014 with its four year old song  shouldering the album  to success .

WITH each passing day, Khairy Jamaluddin uses his strongest traits :  Public Relations and Communications to put himself to sword.

HIS SIN :   Wanting to throw Malaysians back  into the dark trash like direct negotiations  days.  This time with a privately held entity,  that ultimately  is Singapore based,  Singapore registered and  a Singapore headquartered  entity

Kami tak akan kalah
Tak peduli apa yang mereka katakan
Inilah kehidupan terima kenyataan
Kami kan hadapi prokontra yang ada
Meski kami selalu dikucilkan
Kami tak pernah berhenti  membuktikan
Kepada semua orang yang menganggap diri kami
Kami kan buktikan mereka itu sampah .

KHAIRY Jamaluddin might be right  READ :   I got NOTHING to hide, says Khairy Jamaluddin on the direct negotiations with a Singapor based, registered and headquarterd entity..

SIX YEARS  AGO Khairy Jamaluddin  told the same thing , when  the Ministry  he was in charge of  the sports ministry,   was at the centre of the nation's biggest sportng monetary scandal READOn This Date : 21 March 2016: RM100m pocketed in small amounts, reveals 'nothing to hide' KJ


Financial mishaps,  and good governance seems to have alluded Khairy  Jamaluddin  ,  not withstanding  his ability to eloquently talk READON  THIS DATE  5th MARCH 2022 :   Khairy Jamaluddin  announced that MySejahtera users will soon  be able to use the App to donate Organs

A document produced by  Parliment with March 8 2022as a point of reference cites MOH'sdeputy secretary-general (administration) Harjeet Singh Hardev Singh states READ : We have obtained approval to do but talks with MySJ Sdn Bhd has not even begun

 SO why did Khairy Jamaluddin  jump the gun by coming out unsolicited  announcement that will only strengthen  the hand of  mySJ Sdn Bhd and since he has shown a knack for jumping the gun. 

WHY not then jump the gun,   one more time by helping the Courts,  by providing information which he says is proof  the govt owns MySejahtera as  there are alternative sets of documents lodged with the courts READ : More Court Documents Show MySJ Owns MySejahtera Platform, IP Rights