Wednesday 6 April 2022

Khairy Jamaluddin : Mama Tolonglah Percaya!!!

is taken from Malaysian pop band Exists 2001 album entitled  ADA.

I am sure, many Malaysians ADA a lot of questions for Khairy Jamaluddin. The reason why there are so many questions  is , Khairy Jamaluddin's answers  have been half baked. 

 For example just days before Khairy Jamaluddin  told parliment  the purchase price of MySejahtera will be less than RM300 million,  MOH deputy secretary-general (administration) Harjeet Singh Hardev Singh informed Parliment READ :Health Ministry’s negotiations with MySJ haven’t even begun.  

So how then does Khairy  Jamaluddin  know that the purchase price will be lower or higher than RM300 million?

Mama tolonglah percaya...
Ini bukan kerja mudah dan suka-suka
Setiap zaman harus ada coraknya
Ini bukan kerja mudah dan suka-suka
Berilah peluang kepada kami

His actions  seems to suggest,  that Khairy Jamaluddin  is a risk taker when it comes to using public money.

Why and how else  will  a sane person with integrity  insist on  giving  a directly negotiated contract involving a few hundred million ringgit to a company whose shareholders are fighting among themselves

As far as red flags go,  this in itself is ia big security risk,  and there are many more such red flags,  when one looks at Khairy Jamaluddin's  narrative . READ : Khairy says when he took over as health minister on August 30, 2021, he had examined the governance behind the operation of the MySejahtera mobile application..

I find this very disturbing.  The proof is in  the pudding. :

So  how come Khairy Jamuluddin is now saying that he only knew about the Government not having contract when he became health minister.?