Friday 15 April 2022

Mysejahtera in The Mix : Two Face : TIKAM (Kittamove)

is  a song released just last year,  by the increasing popular K Clique,  who sound so similar to Colombian pop group Piso 21,  which has been in existence since 2007.
THERE is nothing wrong in sounding similar, although eyebrows are bound to be raced  when  the same set of  people,  wearing different set of clothes,  start to sound very familiar.

THE year is 2008 :  Kuwati born ,  Khairy Jamaluddin, is seen  as the most powerful 32 year old in  Malaysia, with aspirations to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia by the time he hits 40.  

TRUE or MERE  rumour mongering,   the population  of  Malaysia  were either  in awe or in disgust or perhaps even envious of Khairy Jamaluddin and his ivy league friends collectively known as  READ :  The Fourth Floor Boys ; the beginning of the end for Barisan Nasional.

THE year is 2009 : Prime Minister Ahmad Abdullah Badawi,  launches the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber-Threats (IMPACT) in Cyberjaya.

IMPACT is actually a government agency,  but nevertheless,  the Prime Minister READ : is made Chairman of IMPACT’s International Advisory Board.

MOHD Noor Amin, who hails from the ivy league King's College had been  the chairman of  IMPACT Management Board. since 2008. Just  four years before that, READ : he was appointed by the President of the Republic of Guatemala to serve as the nation's honorary envoy to Malaysia.

THE year is still 2009 :  Mohd Noor Amin's company Nuemera Sdn Bhd  bags a lucrative  contract to help manage millions of Malaysians personal data .

THE  year now is 2017 :  Reports emerge,  that all is not well with our data. READ:

A Malaysiakini investigative report would latter reveal READ : Massive data leak trail leads to MCMC's phone blocking system.

THE year now is 2022 :  

Hidup di dalam rimba
Aku emas yang lain gangsa
Sebab aku lain belang
Bilang helang boleh terbang
Bilang rimau jangan bimbang
Bilang musang boleh menang
Gerak kerja dalam diam
Depan senyum belakang tikam

PRESENT TIME :  Coincidence  or mere providence ,  that once again,  this terms namely  : Personal Data,  Trust,  No Tender and Khairy Jamaluddin is once again mentioned in the same breath.

NEXT week Part 4 : Something Happened On The Way to Heaven